Elberton Granite Memorials

Elberton's granite industry creates monuments that are erected worldwide. While most of the memorials crafted in Elberton are for individuals, many public monuments are also produced to commemorate the service of veterans, as well as other special people and events that will be preserved forever with a monument from Elberton.










Creating and placing monuments is one of mankind's oldest traditions -- with some of the oldest known monuments dating back 20,000 years. From the pyramids of Egypt to your local cemetery or town square, monuments are, and will continue to be, a vital part of life -- and death.









For more information on granite and memorialization, please contact the Elberton Granite Association for a copy of the free publication "Personal Monuments: Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow, Evermore". You can request this publication via U.S. mail, or at egaonline1@elberton.net. When contacting the E.G.A. be sure to include your name, company name (if applicable), mailing address, city, state and ZIP code.




Scroll down this page to look at many fine examples of Elberton granite, and the artistry and workmanship that our member firms produce.



Click HERE to view some of the memorials featured in recent issues of The Graniteer, including the color of the stone, its location, and the member firm who produced it.




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